Identify and visualize all your data, Yes, all!

Qrawler is a powerful software that identifies and visualize where all your information is stored and gives you the possibility to find all relations and identify all related information to the question at hand

Qrawler will streamline your data management

And is growing 10x faster than structured data. Only 3% is proactively mangaged.

Qrawler will identify and display any data from any source!

Qrawler empowers users everywhere by simplify finding and managing desired information within massive amounts of unstructured data

The way it works

Qrawler discover, analyse, categorise and visualise relevant information in any amount of unstructured data.


Qrawler searches in all data sources you are allowed to access.


Qrawler holds a patent how to display all files and information and how they related to each other. All in a interactive user interface.


Qrawler has a unique drag-and-drop function allowing all files to be structured, moved and manged seamlessly between all data sources for fast and secure management.

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