Identify and visualize all your data, Yes, all!

Qrawler is a powerful software that identifies and visualizes all your stored information. Qrawler helps you identify all relations and all related information to the issue at hand.

Qrawler will streamline your data management

The sheer amount of unstructured data is growing 10x faster than structured data. However, less than 5 percent is proactively managed. Qrawler helps you consolidate all data sources and visualize the connections and relations between different data sets.

Qrawler will identify and display any data from any source

Qrawler empowers users anywhere by simplifying and speeding up the identification and management of specifically targeted information within massive amounts of unstructured data.

How Qrawler works

Qrawler discovers, analyses, categorises and visualises relevant information from all different sources of unstructured data.


Qrawler searches all existing data sources, both internal and external that you have authoized access to.


Qrawler’s patented visualisation algorithm enables all files and information to be displayed with regards to their relationships and connections – comprehensively and with an intuitive, interactive and easy to use interface.


Qrawler has a unique drag-and-drop function allowing all files to be structured, moved and managed seamlessly between all data sources for fast and secure management.

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